Wind Vang



February  2023 made a Chinese Junk

The ship's name is Wind Vang. Specifications: Scale 1:20 - Length 129 cm  (52 inch )- Width 46 cm - Height 137 cm - Weight 11 kg. Materials: plywood 5 mm 15 mm. beech wood - Finnish oak wood. Glue used is Bison wood Max open time 5 min and 30 minutes  fixing time. Bison wood construction glue 8 hours fixing time.Polyester cotton for the rigs, doubleControl with dracon  line. Yes a ship to sail with .Use of Chinese Thun oil. Battens 8/6mm.Ropes 1- 2 and 3mm. Aluminum wire clamps 2 and 3mm.Waxed polyester thread 0.5 mm/rigs.

A junk is a flat-bottomed ship. Typical: Sometimes there are holes in the rudder and the fore and aft masts are slanted and there is also a watertight hold from the center. It is said that some could sail against the wind and they were mainly practical ships

Printing and enlarged 5 times and cut out templates

Click for large image

The open compartment  is watertight

After using the Chinese Tung oil

                     Used  double polyester cotton

I have adjusted the thickness of the wire at the top (val).

Narrow parrels for autonomous sailing and jibing and no sheets on board.
Control from the side with two lines connected to the

rudder blade with exit at the front of the Junk

This is a control system for kite flying, I'm going to use it

to control the junk with two lines one for port and one for

starboard control. I hope it works

Hoe Lang is een Chinees

Make the Lazy Jack

Sometimes you have to change things

                         From one exit to twice exit                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               





The Junk is now ready for launch, there were some difficult moments but the fun of building prevailed. I hope it inspires people to build a Junk, I think they are beautiful ships




Use of the hiking trailer I drive the Junk

on the trailer in and out of the water

                 Two ballast balls are required after

                  the test at wind force 4

August 17,

Another sailing test is on hold The bullet

is for the waterline correction and for the ballast,

the keel is only for occasionally sailing the Junk

in front of our house

                                                     The trailer with the Junk on it goes into the water

                                      September 2023